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SEO Pro is a new product under development that goes well beyond the basics of search engine optimization. It will sell in the $75.00 to $100.00 price range, but you can get it for half price when it's released.

How to Get SEO Pro for Half-Price

Anyone who purchases SEO Lite before SEO Pro is released will be eligible to upgrade to Pro at a 50 percent discount.

Don't worry that you'd have to redo any optimizations you make using SEO Lite when you upgrade. Everything in the Lite version is taught in the Pro version, only the knowledge goes much deeper.


If you'd prefer to wait until SEO Pro is released, I'll be happy to notify you when it becomes available. Just visit my contact page and drop me an email requesting to be notified. It would save you money to get SEO Lite first though, plus you could start your optimization now instead of waiting for the Pro version.
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